The lakes


West house boasts 4 lakes The lakes are stocked with Rainbow trout from 2 lbs upwards with the fishery record being 19lb. There are four lakes of 4 acres, 2 acres and 1.5 acres and 1 acre, each stocked with these high quality fish.


Set in grassland the fishery offers easy access to over 95% of the available bank space without any major obstacles for casting. Access for disabled persons is available by prior arrangement. The lakes have been carefully planned and designed with fly fishing and wildlife in mind

A large car park, fishing lodge and toilets are provided. Meals are available at the public houses in the village but tea and coffee soup are available at the lodge.


Natural fly life is prolific with hatches of Pond Olives, Lake Olives, Mayfly, Great Red Sedge, smaller Sedges Buzzers and Damsel fly. Although lures are successful early and late in the season, artificial patterns representing the natural insects are the most predominant catchers of fish.


Successful patterns are; Pheasant Tail Nymph, GRHE, Buzzer’s (various colours), Damsel nymph and Daddies. Dawson’s Olive, Montana and Cats Whisker, Fritz patterns are the most popular lures.


West Lake

The original and oldest lake. Approx 1.5 acres in size varying in depth from 4-11ft. Abundant natural food in this lake and small pattern files are often the secret. Also boast a good stock of course fish in this lake with Carp up to 32lb West Lake is rich in both aquatic and terrestrial insect life. It has large populations of corixa, damsels, buzzer, shrimps and sedge. Also present in abundance are fry, which are readily eaten by the the trout.


Horseshoe lake

The second lake which is wrapped around west lake with a distinctive ‘horseshoe’ shape. Approx 2 acres in size with a depth of 5-7ft. Another very natural lake with an abundance of natural life. Small bays and overhanging trees and clear water make this lake an ideal stalking lake.


Fox Lake

The newest and smallest of the lakes. This 1 acre lake is very natural with clear water. This lake is fishing by NYMPHS, BUZZERS, or DRIES ONLY. A great lake for the stalking angler, keep low and present your flies in the most natural fashion. Great sport in late April through to June on this lake as the seasonal hatches and falls of terrestrial take their turn. Surface sport to Black Gnat, Hawthorns and beetles can be particularly good on the right day.

Mill Lake

The largest of the lakes at approx 4 acres in size. With two islands and bays this lake gives plenty of options for the angler. Larger than the other lakes this appeals to the lure angler, but there is always plenty of action on smaller natural patterns This lake has varying depths of water,  interesting bays,  peninsulas and margins where fish love to hunt for food throughout the year. Huge amounts of Damsels, Olives and Sedges will be found in the shallows. Popular and well proven flies include Pheasant tail nymphs, Buzzers, Hoppers, Daddy Long-legs, Hares Ears and Diawl Bachs to name a few . On colder days and through the Autumn and Winter months Small Gold heads, Cats Whiskers and Zonkers will succeed.